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      1. รวม โปร โม ชั่ น สล็อต ค่าย w88

        A tile based community engagement project that builds connections, inspires creativity and creates stunning community mosaics.

        Belong Together Tiles are an original tessellated pattern.?Within each set all?tiles are identil and?will always fit together allowing you to extend the collection in any direction.

        Tiles are laser cut from MDF and ready to be finished. I recommend preparing with a gesso and painted with?acrylic (craft) paint but you might want to explore something else…

        Whatever you decide they’re?a perfect nvas for new ideas and big possibilities!

        Celebrate Together

        With a common theme or purpose, everyone n paint a tile in their own unique way.

        When the pieces come together the mosaic will represent everyone’s individual thoughts, ideas and perspectives!

        Communities Of All Sizes

        Tiles n be finished by a single artist or by hundreds celebrating a common theme.

        No matter how many contributors you have, each tile is an essential piece of the final puzzle.

        Connect At A Distance

        If you’re not able to come together you n still connect with your community across a region, country or the world!

        And, as new pieces are returned, your mosaic will grow and evolve as new connections are made.

        Belong Together is a tile based project created as a response to connections lost and communities fragmented during the COVID-19 pandemic.?Learn more about the first project here.

        Created by Jason Panda, an Artist and Art Edutor living and creating in the Waterloo Region, his goal is to remind us that we’re not alone and, even apart, we’re each an integral piece of the puzzle. www.jasonpanda.com